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This website has been developed by the Northland Regional Council Transport Operations Team to promote Northland’s road safety issues and partners. Northland's strength is in working together to communicate and share responsibility for issues. Results are gained from a long term view and a consistent, evidence based approach that gradually builds awareness, along with effective interventions developing into lasting solutions.

Road Policing - Seasonal Risk Factors

Alcohol - Drugs - Fatigue - Motorcycling - Speed - Young Drivers - Distractions

Road Toll Statistics

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Far North

Northbound Driver Reviver Stop Friday midday to 5pm SH1 Uretiti
January 26 2018

Unsealed Roads

Unsealed roads are abundant across the Northland rural roading network and drivers need to remember to drive to the conditions at all times. Many motorists don’t adjust their driving styles when coming off sealed roads and this adds to the risk for their vehicles occupants and other road users that they might encounter if they lose control of the vehicle due to their inexperience or poor decision making.

Far North District Kaipara District Whangarei District

Proportion of injury types that occurred on unsealed roads in 2015

District % Unsealed Roads
in District Network
% Fatal Injuries
on Unsealed Roads
% Serious Injuries
on Unsealed Roads
% Minor Injuries
on Unsealed Roads
Far North 63.2% 0.2% 2.5% 8.8%
Kaipara 71.6% 0% 7.9% 10.7%
Whangarei 39.3% 0.1% 1.2% 3.0%

Summer Driving

Please take care on the roads in Summer. Approx 28% of Northland’s reported crashes occur in Summer and approx 32% of the Far North Districts reported crashes happen in this period too. Alcohol, Speed, Fatigue, Drugs & Distraction will be the key advertising themes targeting drivers in this period. Drivers & passengers are still needlessly dying on our roads due to lack of wearing a restraint. WEAR YOUR SEAT-BELT AT ALL TIMES & DRIVE TO THE CONDITIONS.

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State Highway updates

Current SH Conditions
SH1 Whangarei Improvements
Dedicated Free-phone

Also for reporting:

  • SH roading & safety issues
  • Potholes
  • Wandering Stock
  • Slips
  • Flooding
  • Delays
  • Stock Effluent Spills
  • Any safety concerns

Northland's annual road toll over the last 5 years

Northland has a challenging and at times an unforgiving road system. The need to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes is the driving force behind the internationally recognised 'Safe System' - a whole of system approach, which focuses on creating safe roads & roadsides, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe road use.

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5yr Total Fatal & Serious Injury (FSI) Crashes: 2182

Fatal & Serious Injury Crashes In Northland over the last 5 years

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Northland Transport Related Hospitalisations

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Total in 2016

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