TrackSAFE Rail Safety Week 2020

RSW aims to improve education and awareness around railway level crossing and track safety. Traditionally, RSW is held in the second week of August.

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Kia Ora / Welcome

The Northland (Te Tai Tokerau) Road Safety website has been developed by the Northland Regional Council Transport Projects Team to promote Northland’s road safety issues and partners. Te Tai Tokerau's strength is in working together to communicate and share responsibility for issues and problem solving. Results are gained from a long term view and a consistent, evidence based approach that gradually builds people’s awareness, behaviour change along with effective interventions developing into lasting safety outcomes.

Road Policing - Seasonal Risk Factors

- Distractions - Alcohol - Speed - Seat-belts -

Road Deaths Statistics

Local Road fatalities
This Year
State Highway fatalities
This Year
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Far North

Rail Safety Week 10-16 August 2020
August 16 2020

Are Your M/V’s Lights All Working?

Road safety is everyone's responsibility
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The Safe System

The Safe System differs from traditional approaches to road safety. Rather than always blaming the road user for causing a crash, it acknowledges that even responsible people sometimes make mistakes in their use of the roads.

The Safe System focuses on creating safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe road use. Explore the Safe System diagram to learn more about these elements, or view the complete strategy here.

Safe System Themes Northland

Extra focus
  • High-risk Rural Roads
    (Open Road / Loss control bends)
  • Impairment Alcohol/Drugs
  • Motorcycle
  • Safe Speed
    (Driving too fast for the conditions)
  • Young Drivers (15-24
    (At fault or part at fault)
  • Restraints
  • Distractions
    (Poor observation)
  • Fatigue
  • Heavy Vehicles
Emerging & monitor
  • Visiting Drivers
  • Substance impaired driving
    (Medication & drugs)

Safe System Diagram

Safe Roads and Roadsides » Safe Speeds » Safe Road Use » Safe Vehicles »
A safe system increasingly free of death and serious injury

Winter Driving

Approximately 20% of Northland’s reported State Highway injury crashes occur in the Winter months. Local road injury crashes account for approximately 22% of crashes during this period.

Not wearing a restraint is still an ongoing issue - Drivers & Passengers of all ages but mainly male are still needlessly dying on our roads - WEAR YOUR SEAT-BELT - AT ALL TIMES & Drive To The Conditions.

NZ MetService website
Northland Regional Council
Rivers - Drains - Rainfall data

State Highway updates

Current SH Conditions
SH1 Whangarei Improvements
Dedicated Free-phone

Also for reporting:

  • SH roading & safety issues
  • Potholes
  • Wandering Stock
  • Slips
  • Flooding
  • Delays
  • Stock Effluent Spills
  • Any safety concerns

Northland's annual road toll over the last 5 years

Northland roads are challenging and unforgiving. The need to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes is the driving force behind the internationally recognised 'Safe System' - a whole of system approach, which focuses on creating safe roads & roadsides, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe road use. The Road to Zero Action Plan 2020-2022 continues this focus with emphasis on - safety treatments, unsafe speeds, walking & cycling, vehicle safety standards, best practice for work-related travel, prioritise road policing, enhance drug-driver testing, motorcycle safety, review road safety penalties.

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5yr Total Fatal & Serious Injury (FSI) Crashes: 687

Fatal & Serious Injury Crashes In Northland over the last 5 years

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Northland Transport Related Hospitalisations

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Total in 2020

Total in 2019

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