It is deceptive when looking at a Northland map thinking a trip from Auckland (including Auckland Airport) to the top of Northland can be done in just a few hours, It can’t be done safely. Although travel distances might appear short, the roads & traffic flows are slower than many overseas visitors might be expecting. Please consider staying longer in Northland as recommended by these travel providers.

1. The Extended 10-Day North Island Loop Itinerary

This itinerary adds a 2-night stay in Paihia, in the Bay of Islands, to the 7-day loop. This can be added at the beginning or end of the trip. An extra night should be added in Auckland as well to break up the drive from Paihia to the next destination.

Delays can also be caused by on-going road maintenance road works, occasional vehicle crashes, weather conditions & a large number of slower moving heavy vehicles etc. on our roads.

Long distance travel & fatigue are interlinked. When driving take regular rest stops, whether it be at local cafe’s where you can enjoy a world famous ‘flat white’ coffee or other refreshment and the Kiwi hospitality. Award winning Altura CoffeeNorthland Hospitality and Anchor Milk are a key partners at our Fatigue Stops. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendly locals & you won’t regret it I’m sure. Northland has so much more to offer than just a quick ‘whistle stop’ – there is something for everyone. Drivers need to be refreshed and it is recommended that tourists flying into Auckland from overseas should ensure they are rested before renting a car or camper van and driving north.

Rest – Driver Reviver Stops Northland

Fatigue Stop Schedule 2019/2020 – Location: Northbound SH1 Uretiti –

Friday 25 October 2019 (Labour Weekend)

Friday  20 December 2019 (Christmas lead up)

Friday 24 January 2019 (Auckland Anniversary Weekend)

Thursday 9 April 2019 (Easter)

Friday 24 April 2019