What is the problem?

The average age of our light vehicles is 12 years old. This is old by international standards and it means our vehicles are less safe than those in other countries.

Older vehicles generally have fewer safety features and provide less protection to their occupants in a crash.

Braking distance graphic

What are we doing about it?

There is significant room for improvement in our current vehicle fleet. We will encourage vehicles with the latest safety features to enter the New Zealand fleet as soon as possible to replace old vehicles that do not have these safety technologies.

Vehicle safety technologies can improve road safety in three ways:

  • preventing crashes (e.g. through electronic stability control)
  • protecting drivers and their passengers in the event of a crash (e.g.. air bags and restraints)
  • protecting other road users in the event of a crash (e.g.. through a less rigid vehicle front structure).

http://rightcar.govt.nz/  – Safety tips when buying a car.

Safe System diagram

Safe System diagram