Why risk your life to save a few seconds

The reality is, speeding doesn't save you much time. Just say you're driving 10kms across town, if you increase your speed by 5km/h, you'll only save around 45 seconds on that trip. You'd be putting your life and others at risk to save less than a minute in your day.

Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving - Causes Crashes - Put Your Phone Away or Switch It Off When Driving - Death, Serious Injury or a Fine Isn't Worth It.

Take Care on Northland's SH's

Take Care on Northland's State Highway's - report road issues on the free-phone # 0800 111 655

What Police are doing to stop speedsters

Superintendent Carey Griffiths, National Manager of Road Policing says: "While most Kiwis love to travel in December and January, far too many never make it home. Still more face a lifetime of debilitating injury. Summer is a risky season on our roads and it's even more dangerous when people drive too fast. All drivers are human, mistakes happen. But irrespective of the cause of crash, a vehicle's speed at the time of impact is the key determinant of whether we live or die."

Reducing the speed enforcement threshold has been used successfully to reduce crashes by lowering speeds over holiday periods since 2010. This is the first time it has ever been used over an extended summer period (2 months).

Road Safety

Road Safety - Everyone is responsible.