Northland Regional Council (NRC)

The Northland Regional Council facilitates bi-monthly ‘Northland Road Safety Forum’ meetings and facilitates a number of other initiatives with partners that include freight (heavy vehicles), safe motorcycle riding activities and road safety planning.  The Forum is one of the advocacy arms for road safety in Northland. Collectively it has supported a range of evidence based road safety activities under successive Regional Land Transport Programmes/Strategies and Regional Road Safety Action Plans.

Road safety action planning meetings are jointly facilitated by the NZTA & NRC – these meetings progress and update the annual ‘Northland Road Safety Issues & Crash Data reports for Northland to support appropriate actions in the Regional Road Safety Action Plan.

Bi-monthly road safety reports are also submitted to the Regional Transport Committee. This committee oversees and signs off the Regional Land Transport Programme. This programme includes all the road and transportation related projects across the region managed by the various Road Controlling Authorities.

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Nga Pirihimana O Aotearoa NZ Police

Nga Pirihimana O Aotearoa NZ Police

New Zealand Police are responsible for enforcing legislation governing driver behaviour and vehicle road worthiness. The Northland Police are proactive at community educational events and are guided by a ‘Prevention First’ philosophy.

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Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency

Waka Kotahi is a Crown entity. Originally established on 1 August 2008, bringing together the functions of Land Transport New Zealand and Transit New Zealand & continues to provide an integrated approach to Road to Zero, transport planning, funding and delivery. Waka Kotahi NZTA has 750kms of sealed (100%) roads across Northland.

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Te Manatu Waka Ministry of Transport (MOT)

Te Manatu Waka Ministry of Transport, is the government’s principal transport policy adviser. They are committed to providing the best possible advice to support the government in growing the New Zealand economy so we can all enjoy greater prosperity, security and opportunity.

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Northland Transportation Alliance

The Northland Transportation Alliance (NTA) is a ‘shared service model’ of collaboration between the Whangarei, Far North, and Kaipara District Councils along with the Northland Regional Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency with the purpose of a single, unified, high-performing integrated transportation alliance. As part of this evolving model – ‘Service Level Agreements’ are currently being developed.

Whangarei District Council (WDC)

The Whangarei District Councils network is made up of 1094kms of sealed (60.7%) and 707kms (39.3%) of unsealed roads and associated footpaths, kerbing and channelling and street lighting. It excludes State Highways which are maintained by the Transport Agency.

WDC contracts its road safety activity through the Northland Road Safety Trust.

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Kaipara District Council (KDC)

The Kaipara District Council’s roading network provides accessibility to the residents and visitors within a safe and clean environment. Kaipara District Council’s Road Asset consists of 1,570 km of formed roads (446km sealed (28.4%) and 1,124km unsealed (71.6%), 353 Bridges, 88km of footpaths and walkways, 1,136 streetlights, 6,687 traffic signs, and 13,612 culverts.

KDC contracts its road safety activity through the Northland Road Safety Trust.

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Far North District Council (FNDC)

The Far North District is home to some 976km (36.7%) of sealed roads & 1683kms (63.2%) of unsealed roads in the district.

The Far North District Council through the Northland Transportation Alliance (NTA) contracts their road safety activity through Far North REAP and the road safety development team.

The road safety Contract for delivery is monitored by the NTA Road Safety Contract Ma

nager and Waka Kotahi NZTA.

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ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation)

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. ACC works with other agencies to reduce the number and severity of road crashes and injuries. All injuries and deaths on the road are preventable, and responsible drivers make our roads safer. Locally based ACC Community Injury Prevention Consultants work with our road safety partners in a number of projects including motorcycle safety, fatigue management, heavy vehicle related issues.

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Northland Road Safety Trust (NRST)

The Northland Road Safety Trust is currently contracted through the Northland Transportation Alliance (NTA) on behalf of the Whangarei & Kaipara District Councils using local funds and those obtained through the Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP) supplied by Waka Kotahi NZTA to provide road safety promotion.

The Trust’s Road Safety Programme Manager operates split hours between the two districts (.75 & .25 respectively).

The Road Safety Contract for delivery is monitored by the NTA Road Safety Contract Manager and Waka Kotahi NZTA.

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Northland Road Safety Association (NRSA)

This Association has been around for many years and is a key partner for providing regular Fatigue Stops for drivers northbound on State Highway 1 at Uretiti in the Whangarei District. Fatigue has been an on-going risk for motorists on Northland roads and is a very important targeted intervention.

FAR North REAP - Rural Education Activities Programme

The road safety development team, led by Ange, works across road safety development to deliver projects, events, courses, learning support and overall coordination of road safety education/promotion in the Far North District. The team holds a range of skills around driver instruction, licensing, project planning, youth engagement and networking. Projects are grouped around five main themes of road safety education:

  • Alcohol and drug use awareness for road users of all ages
  • Young drivers risk awareness and reduction
  • Safer speeds on local roads and state highways with a focus on driving to the conditions
  • Restraint usage for young children and adult passengers
  • Fatigue awareness and the hazards of not taking breaks for road users
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Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand (Old NDHB)

Over the next 20 years, the health needs of the Northland population will increase as a result of population growth and ageing, and increasing prevalence of long-term conditions (LTCs). Road safety partners work closely with the Health Promotion Advisors for both SmokeFree and Alcohol & Drugs.

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Fatigue Risk Management Solutions

Rachel Lehen is a passionate road safety partner – her company Fatigue Risk Management Solutions is supporting fatigue management interventions and education in Northland.

Reducing Fatigue – Improving Productivity – Do you really know how much fatigue impaired employees are costing your business?

The research seems evident that not doing anything about fatigue will undoubtedly be hitting your bottom line. It may also be sending your employees on the road to burnout. Identifying if fatigue is a concern for your staff is your first step. Once established you can reduce the impact by integrating fatigue prevention strategies outlined here in order to begin reducing this hidden cost burden.

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MITO provides on the job training and career pathways through our NZQA approved qualifications. Gain the skills and knowledge to accelerate your career in the automotive, transport, logistics, extractive and textile fabrication sectors. A local consultant attends and supports initiatives targeting the heavy freight sector.

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Operating a transport business is a complex and demanding task. EROAD’s solution is designed to make your job easier. It gives you the opportunity to take control of tax and compliance obligations, support a safety-focused culture, and better manage your business.

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Working closely with local and national industries, NorthTec provides practical, quality training that meets Northland’s needs. NorthTec has campuses and learning centres in Whangarei, Kerikeri, Rāwene, Kaikohe and Kaitaia. NorthTec also has over 60 community-based delivery points from Coatesville in rural Rodney to Ngataki in the Far North.

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Vision and values Our vision
Everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe

Our values
We will act with:

Integrity – being fair, firm, and consistent, showing respect for those we work with

Courage – standing up for health and safety

Responsibility – being accountable for what we do

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Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd

Participates & supports initiatives with the Heavy Freight Group. Continues to develop and support their award winning ‘Share the Road’ initiative which engages with primary school students throughout Northland and the logging truck sector.

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Northland Roading Partners

Transport Organisations