The ads feature competition information and answers including NZTA’s safe system principles outlined below:

  1. People make mistakes and some crashes are inevitable
  2. Our bodies don’t withstand crash forces well
  3. System designers and system users must share responsibility for managing crash forces to a level that doesn’t result in death or serious injury.
  4. All parts of the system need to be strengthened – roads and roadsides, speeds, vehicles and users.

Driving to the conditions is another key concept to be included within this promotion as crash victims may not have exceeded the speed limit for a particular road.  Changing driving circumstances such as the weather (rain, sunstrike)  can dramatically change what is a safe speed to travel on a road.

The key message for reinforcement is “Speed kills – slow down for bends”.

Speed on Bends poster ad 4 June 2014

Speed on bends poster ad 3

Sponsorship generously provided by:

  • Fulton Hogan Ltd – Tyre prize
  • Smith & Davies Ltd – Petrol vouchers
  • Northland Road Safety Association – Meat vouchers