What is ‘Coffee Brake’ all about?

Driver fatigue is a serious problem on New Zealand roads especially occurring on the State Highway network.

The Northland Regional Council together with RoadSafe Northland through the Road Safety Action Planning process identified fatigue as a significant influence on the fatal and serious crash incidents on Northland roads especially the State Highway network.

‘Coffee Brake’ evolved as an innovative road safety initiative targeting fatigued drivers on Northland roads. It is based on an Australian initiative of the Northern Territory Government – however with a number of modifications made to suit the Northland situation. Coffee Brake complements the 11 or so road side ‘Fatigue Stops’ managed by the Northland Road Safety Association and Far North REAP that are held throughout the year during peak holiday periods in the Whangarei & Far North districts.

Driving while fatigued occurs all year round and not just restricted to peak holiday periods, so the ‘Coffee Brake’ initiative is a natural extension supporting fatigue driver interventions. Coffee Brake is now operating into its third year. It has raised awareness while highlighting the risks to drivers travelling long distances without breaks, tired and the need for rest breaks to manage the fatigue and tiredness.

Fatigue is a problem for all drivers on Northland roads. Crash Analysis System (CAS) data indicates approximately 14% of road crashes are fatigue related in Northland.

How does it work?

New Zealand has a very strong and growing ‘coffee culture’. The project involves the redemption of ‘Coffee Brake Vouchers’ for the use by ‘drivers only’ to encourage and reward them to stop, sit down and have a break and a free coffee.

Vouchers for drivers to enable them to have a free sit down cup of coffee during their rest brake from driving can be obtained from – Northland i-Sites, including the Visitor Information Centre Dargaville & Kauri Coast,  Council Receptions & Customer Service areas.

In addition some Car & Campervan rental firms, long haul trucking firms, together with Police and other partners will help circulate the vouchers and identify potential recipients for the vouchers. The vouchers are redeemed at any of nine participating Cafés. The coffee must be consumed on the premises.

Project partners

Northland Hospitality (Max) is a key hospitality sector partner and helped identify coffee and milk sponsors for the Coffee Brake project. These popular coffee suppliers include – Altura, Allpress, Atomic, Jungle, Bica, Bruno Rossi, ChiassoTiger Mountain and Coffee Supreme. Meadow Fresh (Nicky), Anchor (Luke & Corinne) and Fresha Valley (Paul) are supplying milk product.

These sponsors have been hugely supportive and without their generosity this project would be unlikely to be taking place. It is reviewed each year to ensure that there is on-going support and to fine tune aspects of it to further improve it.

Participating cafés

Nine Café’s throughout Northland are participating. They are:

  • La Nonna Italian Bakery, Kaiwaka
  • Village Café, Paparoa
  • ElleCee Café & Bar, Ruawai
  • Two Fish Café, Waipu Cove
  • The Office, Maungatapere
  • Lili’s Cafe, Whakapara
  • Morrells Café, Waimamaku
  • The Coffee Hut, Kawakawa Junction
  • Palm Tree Café, Puketona Junction

They are strategically located along high volume Northland roads and easily accessed with good parking.

This current initiative will operate for the period through to 30th June 2015 when it will be reviewed again. This road safety fatigue initiative is only made possible through the on-going generous sponsor support. Various partner websites also help promote this driver fatigue and road safety initiative.