The Northport Truck Education & Health Check Stop took place on Wednesday 4 November 2015. There are approx 400 logging truck movements at Northport daily delivering logs from early hours through into the early evening.

The support from Northport and a contractor on site allowing the use of a large Porta-com assisted greatly especially for the team of Health nurses (Company Medic & Fatigue Risk Management Solutions) carrying out the health checks.

Partners and contributors in this project included – Police Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit (CVIU), NZTA, Health, Fatigue Risk Management Solutions & ACC, Northland Regional Council, National Road Carriers, Road Transport Assoc. NZ, Northland Hospitality, Anchor Milk, Huanui Orchards, Northland Road Safety Trust.

Staff were available to offer refreshments, answer queries from the drivers, provide information/resource kits – covering health, driving, safety & maintenance tips, Fatigue Management, correctly filling in Log Books etc.

A survey is also completed by the drivers which covers health and lifestyle choices and asks what further information would be useful to the drivers – health issues (including healthy eating/fatigue management/Sleep Apnoea) and new legislation affecting drivers is a common response – this is currently being collated and compared with previous surveys. This information is taken into consideration when planning the next Truck Education Stop either at the Port or at one of the other locations targeting a much broader range of heavy vehicle drivers on one of the State Highway routes.